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10 Jul Attributes You Should Look For In A Good Business Coach

If you conduct an online search for a business coach, you will literally get thousands of results; most of these people profess to be accomplished business coaches, but very few have any professional associations or accreditations and it can be quite challenging to choose a business coach who is credible and qualified enough to provide excellent training.

Working with a business coach to help you enhance your management is a highly personal engagement. This is the person you would be going to for support, guidance and encouragement, so you can build the business you want.

Qualities Your Coach Should Have

The idea is to look for a coach who would be able to help you transform your business and take it seamlessly from one level to the next. Here are a few attributes you should look for in a good business coach:

  • Business coaching is the median between consulting and therapy and a good coach will always be able to balance these two aspects when they are guiding you.
  • A good business coach is a person you can trust and one that has the ability and capacity to diagnose and analyse systemic and specific issues in your business and guide you to make the right decisions.
  • The person should also have the strength to allow you to deliver on the appropriate solution, rather than being pushy and handling the situation for you.
  • It’s crucial for the person to be very good listener. Regardless of how good the coach is, he/she won’t be able to help you and provide guidance and advice unless they are listening actively.
  • They need to have presence of mind, because there will be times when you as a business person have to take quick decisions and your business coach should be able to address your queries and concerns at that point of time.
  • While being smart and intuitive are important attributes, the person should also genuinely care about people. Without that, they just wouldn’t bother to get to know you personally or be able to help you effectively.
  • Patience is another very important quality that a business coach should possess. It is his/her job to help you gain clarity on things that have to be done next, but they should have the patience to discuss these things with you patiently and then have the patience to wait for you to take action.
  • They should be encouraging yet firm in the manner in which they deal with you.
  • Objectivity is another aspect that’s extremely important and it’s something you should be looking for in your business coach. The person should be able to take an objective and unbiased approach when they are giving you any advice. They should be able to take a 360° view of the situation and then give you solid advice on questions you pose.
  • To a certain degree, your coach should also believe that you have the ability to transform your business and that they are there to add impetus to your ability and resolve.
  • They should also be curious enough to delve into every aspect of your business and check out what the root cause of a problem is and why things are stagnating or bottlenecked.
  • A great business coach understands that you want only the truth from them and should be transparent and open in their dealings with you.

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