09 Apr Starting a Business with the End in Mind

Starting a Business with the End in Mind

G'day, Ben Fewtrell here from MaxMyProfit Sydney and Australia. In today's video we're going to have a look at the importance and the reason why you want to do a plan for your business. So let me start by asking you this question. If you were to be going on holidays
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07 Apr Ben’s Business VLOG | Number #5

Ben's Business VLOG | Number #5

G'day peeps, something a little bit different for the VLOG this week. I didn't actually get to VLOG last Monday, I was too busy enjoying this beautiful place.

Take a break

This is Castaway Island, Fiji. I try and get here every year with my family and I think it’s important when you’re in business to take a break and get out and do these kinds of things. You need to reward yourself
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