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05 Oct 11 Ways to Increase your Facebook Engagement

Frustrated with your Facebook Engagement?

Have you created your profile, pages, closed groups, open groups and still have low activity?

A recent article on socialmedianews.com.au has confirmed that there are now 17,000,000 monthly active Australians on Facebook (updated September 2017) and below are 11 Ways to use these statistics in your favour.

#1 Post at the right time

Posting at the right time, and when your audience is most active, may increase “likes” and “shares”. But how do you find out when this is?

Go to your Business Manager and use “Facebook Insights” to see when your fans are most active on your page.

There is a consensus that the best time to post or schedule posts is between noon and 4pm Mon – Fri and between noon and 2:00PM on weekends. But I truly believe that if you dig deeper into your insights, you will find your perfect time slots to post your articles, templates etc.

If you are new to this and your insights do not give you too much data, start posting at different times to test and measure.

Social Media Examiner shares a great tip: Posting late at night (when your fans are less active) isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There’s less competition in their feed, so the people who are active on the site are more likely to see and engage with your content. If that engagement jumps a bit, there’s a better chance your audience will see it when they come online in the morning.

#2 Ask questions or post POLLS

I find if you start posting polls using the Facebook “poll” option, people engage as it’s easy to just pick an option. Better yet, leave it as a pinned post for a week to increase your engagement.

FB polls

Some suggestions on what you can use this option for:

  •  A toll on Webinar Topics
  • Best Way to do bookkeeping
  • What emails to send to your database
  • Podcast guest options and who they would like to hear on your podcast (if you have one)

You can also engage your audience by asking them questions about their business, about their weekend, about anything that peaks their interest. Ask them to write answers in comments…

#3 Keep posts simple

It’s important not to complicate things. Facebook, whilst a great lead generation tool, has so much competition, so many videos and viral threads that you are a small fish in a big ocean. So make it interesting by keeping it simple consistently.

#4 Use attractive and “clickable” imagery

What happens when you login to your Facebook Account?

Generally, your news feed is the first thing you go through. And most of the time, you will stop and view only something that is attractive, awesome and standing out from the rest. You only have a second to make an impression on your fans, so make it a good one!

#5 Post content that others want to share

The more your post gets shared, the higher the chances of it being seen, liked and recognised.

However, Facebook fanatics will not share boring content so make sure you post something that others find interesting, helpful or just plain funny. Videos are a great way to get the word across. Use Facebook LIVE or create a fun video and post.

A few tips on how to make your post viral – shared by postplanner.com

  • Get Personal
  • Use Viral Photo Finder
  • Ask for HELP sharing your posts
  • Timing
  • Running Facebook ADS

#6 Always include a call to action

Every Facebook Post should have a call to action. Whether it’s asking someone to share it, or click on it to take them to a landing page, or even like it… it should be clear.

Why is this important?

It increases your views and your reach. It will go into more people’s news feed and will gain popularity.

#7 Share your video blogs

If you have a library of videos or articles – post the links on your Facebook Pages.

“Facebookers” are always looking for more information, looking for ways they can build their businesses and most importantly for freebies.

But another reason this is a good idea is if they land on your page, you can “cookie” them and then remarket to them using Facebook.

#8 Share real life photos

Getting personal is always good. Posts should not always look robotic and whilst it’s great to share articles blogs and freebies, the person needs to know that you are HUMAN. Sharing your wins, photos from the office, office parties or even sessions with clients is a great place to start.

#9 Don’t post stories…

Keep it short and sweet. Remember you are one of many posts in someone’s news feed. You want your headline to be catchy and your content to be good. You also don’t want to write a story unless it is something you know can go viral.

Here is a chart I found for the optimal length of a Facebook Post:

FB chart

Leave out details that don’t need to be on there and treat your posts more like news posts or headlines.

#10 Use Facebook Live

Facebook live is a new and tested way to generate leads and increase brand awareness. It can be a huge asset in your marketing strategy if done correctly.

Some ideas on what you can do with Facebook Live:

  • Promote an event
  • Promote an article on your website
  • Report some news
  • Take your prospects on a tour of your office and your surroundings
  • Show off a hobby so that they see something other than business
  • Create a Facebook Live Show – e.g. Ben’s Brain Dump (featured every Thursday on our MaxMyProfit

Facebook Page – where Ben shares tips, tricks and cheat sheets to help you grow your business)

#11 Be “persistent”

It can be truly frustrating to continuously post and get nowhere. But remember if you have just started, you need to test and measure and more importantly, be persistent! Keep sharing, keep posting good content and engagement will increase.

Sonia Irani

Max My Profit