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07 Dec 6 Ways Business Coaching helped Paul Grow his Business

When Paul first came to us looking for help, his main challenge was his mindset. He was good at being a tradie, but did not know the next steps in growing a business. He lacked clarity. He did not envision what his business would look like in the next year.

As all tradies encounter, Paul worked far too many hours and found he was not spending enough time with his kids or his family. He found himself working very long hours during the day and thought that was normal. This is a case we see far too often with business owners.

Paul says the MaxMyProfit Exceleration program has helped him to understand himself better and to establish clearer direction for the business. With new systems and staff in place, as well as new equipment, vehicles and machinery, he now gets to develop a forward direction for the company instead of surviving day-to-day.

Here are 6 Ways the MaxMyProfit Business Exceleration Program has helped Paul grow his business:

#1 Significant Growth in Business

Paul has been in business for 7 years and has worked with MaxMyProfit for about 3 years. And even though he loved what he was doing, he noticed he lacked motivation and satisfaction. There was no growth. Things were stagnant. And even though he did see business growth, it was not in the direction he wanted. Sales increased, but that just meant he had to work longer hours and the business started relying on him a whole lot more. Working with a coach has given Paul the right tools and strategies to grow his business and still work less hours.

#2 Personal Guidance

When we asked Paul what his greatest outcome was from coaching, he said it was “personal” growth rather than “business growth”. Paul was elated his business was growing in the right direction, however the personal mentoring he got from his coach especially when he was having a tough time that year, is what he values the most. Paul’s coach was able to guide him and hold his hand when he needed it the most. He clearly says that if he wasn’t working with an Excelerator during this period he would have given up.

#3 Working LESS on your tools and MORE on your business

When Paul first started his business, he was still in the “tradie” mindset – not thinking like a business owner and doing all the jobs himself. Paul’s coach, with the added benefit of the Business Exceleration Hub, provided Paul with the tools, strategies and support he needed to move away from doing the “jobs” he got and build a team. Once the team was trained up, he relied more on them and less on himself.

#4 Using your time effectively

Paul, with the help of his coach, has now learned to use his time more effectively. He has more time on his hands to work on strategies to build his business and increase his sales. He also has more time to spend with his kids and his family, and doing things he loves. He no longer works long hours in a day, simply because he doesn’t need to anymore. Despite the growth within the business, Paul is now spending less hours working in the business rather than more – working four days a week and having every Wednesday off.

#5 A shift in Mindset

Being a tradie, it is very difficult to let go. You know what you do, and you are the only one who can do it. Most business owners who are tradesmen act and feel this way causing you to stop growing. The Business Exceleration Programs helped Paul to understand the who, what and why of the business better and identifying who he is, what he wants to do and where he wants to go. He recognised that without knowing himself better and getting into the right headspace, the business would continue to suffer. Paul now recognises that when he bounces back from difficulties, so does his business.

#6 Diversification

Paul has achieved a lot with the help of coaching over the last 3 years. He has said that one of the main benefits of being a part of the MaxMyProfit Exceleration Programs for him was having a support person to rely on and to contact any time for help, without which he would not have grown his business, increased his sales and worked less hours.

Paul is now at a level where he can diversify and turn his business into an organisation. He is putting plans in place to push for even greater growth going forward.

When asked what he would say to a business owner considering the Exceleration Programs, Paul said he would be happy to sit down and talk to them personally! He says you don’t know what you don’t know, so it’s important to find the help you need, get out of your comfort zone, and “have a go.” Book in a session with an Excelerator for a quick chat to see if Maxmyprofit can help you.