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We’re very excited to announce that MaxMyProfit is expanding, and we’re looking for some amazing people to join our team as a Business Exceleration™ Accredited Franchisee. In the last 10 years the Business Training and Coaching Industry has exploded. It is becoming common place for a business owner to look for help when it comes to building their business. This presents us with a challenge… how do we keep up with the demand? If you’re already a business trainer, coach, advisor or consultant, or, you want to become one… then read on.

You could be our next Business Excelerator™ if you’re the type of person that;

• is passionate about helping others
• thrives on learning new skills
• loves to follow a proven system
• is a team player
• has a desire to work for yourself
• wants to choose the hours you work
• loves the business of business
• wants a better life/work balance
• needs the support of a team

We created the term Business Excelerator™ so you truly represent the essence of what you’ll do; help business owners excel, and do that as fast as possible.

As a MaxMyProfit Business Excelerator™ you’ll be helping business owners build the business they imagined as you guide them step by step through their Business Exceleration™ program.


We’ve made it easy to own and run your own business in the lucrative business coaching/advisory industry. As a Business Exceleration™ Accredited Franchisee, you’ll love how we help you succeed.

We’ll help you recruit clients

It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about helping business owners succeed if you don’t have any clients. At MaxMyProfit we’ve got over 15 years experience in marketing and selling business coaching and training services. Our dedicated sales and marketing team are constantly enrolling new clients that need to be looked after and if you want, we’ll also teach you our unique client acquisition system so you can get as many clients as you desire.

You’ll deliver with ease

The MaxMyProfit Business Exceleration™ Program is a complete business growth system. Having now worked with 1000s of clients we have developed an online membership HUB with over 500 business growth tools and resources, a 5 stage Business Exceleration™ blueprint model and an online training system leaving you to focus on working with your clients to get them results fast.

Be part of a winning team

Nothing great was ever achieved alone. Becoming a MaxMyProfit Business Excelerator™ puts you in a world-class team of professional coaches and advisors. We’re passionate about helping our clients succeed and as a result, you’ll be winning too!

Client Conferences and Events

Clients come together on a quarterly basis at the Business Exceleration™ Conference. This event is organised and run by us for you and our clients to get the most out of their Business Exceleration™ Program.
In addition to the quarterly client conference we also have regular networking and intro seminars making it easy for you to introduce your prospects to our products and services.


You’ll love the private online community as much as our clients do! This is a great place to build relationships and ask and answer questions.

Learn about becoming a MaxMyProfit Business Excelerator™

Trusted Partners

Supported by our hand selected Trusted Partners, you’re never expected to know everything! When a client needs help with digital marketing, building a website or a more complex HR issue, your team of trusted partners is ready to help.

All the ‘un-fun’ stuff is done for you

As a MaxMyProfit Business Excelerator™ you’ll be able to focus on what you love doing, and we’ll take care of most of the marketing, sales, back-end administration, billing, collections and payment issues so you don’t have to!

Ongoing training and coaching for you

Coaches need coaches too! We’ll provide you with ongoing training and support to make sure you stay on track, answer your questions and equip you with the skills you need to be a successful Business Excelerator™.

Business Excelerator™ Conference

We all come together on an annual basis at the Business Excelerator™ Conference. This event is organised and run by us for you to meet other Business Excelerators™ and to learn new skills. It’s also a time out from the day to day in a different location each year.

Choose your own hours

Unlike a traditional business or job, you get to choose the hours you work. Want to spend the afternoons with the kids or playing golf? Then you can. You’ll decide how many hours and when you want to work, making this a truly unique opportunity.

Choose your own life/work balance

Not everyone wants a full-time job. Decide on how much you want to earn and then structure your work to suit your lifestyle rather than the other way around.

Is this opportunity for you?

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