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Blogs are a proven and efficient way to get your message across to readers and build your reputation in your industry. If you are a passionate blogger, an expert in your field and is someone who wants to share awesome content with our readers then get in touch with us today.

Our readers are predominantly Business Owners and we are looking for bloggers and article writers who can engage, add value and share some tips and tricks that can help our Business Owner audience with their business.



  • Must be the work of the author and be accompanied by the author’s details including email address and website.
  • Must be a unique blog post written for our website ONLY.
  • Must be educational and informative in nature and not advertorial or promotional in content. This is important as we want our library to be the go to place for training and education for all businesses
  • Have an SEO friendly title of up to 65 characters which entices the viewer to click and read. Article should be a minimum of 750 words.
  • Be supportive and encouraging in tone. Business Owners are looking for help and want our library to be the place they go to for advice, help, strategies and content to help grow their business.
  • IMPORTANT: Author bio of 50-60 words and author photo should be sent along with the article. The article should be sent in WORD Format.

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MaxMyProfit also reserves the right to reject your article if it doesn’t fit with our guidelines.