18 Brutal Business Failures

18 Brutal Business Failures

As an entrepreneur, you work towards creating something. Entrepreneurs have creative minds with big ideas. Their role as an entrepreneur is to build businesses and industries on their ideas alone. Needless to say, this can sometimes seem like an insurmountable task.


Many of these entrepreneurs need inspiration and find it in other, successful entrepreneurs. For example, Steve Jobs with Apple and Jeff Bezos with Amazon are great examples of entrepreneurs whose ideas led into fame and fortune.


When looking at these inspirations, it can be more than a little daunting for smaller entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs who are just getting started. After all, these successful entrepreneurs took an idea and turned it into an empire. Many made their way from a basement office or dorm room into a large office built on top of an empire worth a fortune. To a new entrepreneur or even a small business owner, this can seem like a long and intimidating way up.


What most entrepreneurs forget to consider, though, is how each of these famous entrepreneurs ended up where they are. Many would be surprised to learn about the paths these well-known names took and exactly how many missteps were made on their upward climb.


If you are an entrepreneur comparing yourself to entrepreneurs who have become titans in their industry or even started their industry, you shouldn’t compare yourself to an image of perfection. Instead, take a look at these giants before they were giants. Consider and remember that they made mistakes along the way. For a dedicated entrepreneur, failure can be frustrating but it doesn’t necessarily spell the end of an entrepreneur’s career.


On that note, check out these 18 entrepreneurs who failed in business before becoming successful. Infographic can be found here:



  18 Brutal Business Failures  

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