7 Biggest Challenges Facing Your Business

7 Biggest Challenges Facing Your Business

It is kind of inevitable that businesses will face challenges at different stages of their growth and development. So, problems exist to be solved and the best way to conquer the problems or challenges facing your business is to anticipate them and get ready to solve them as they come. But how do you solve problems you don’t even know about or can’t identify? This is why you need to know the possible challenges that could face your business in the future.

#1 Uncertainty of the future

The success of a business usually depends on a business’ ability to take actions or create strategies based on certain predictions made from the current trends in the market. Unfortunately, the world we live in today is full of so many uncertainties mainly because of global economic struggles, changing market trends and environment, emergence of competitors, new marketing techniques, etc.

#2 Regulations and compliance

Regulations in the business world are always changing from time to time just like technology is always changing. And businesses have to comply with these changing rules and regulations in order to avoid fines or penalties for non-compliance. Unfortunately, the changing regulations and rules do not always agree with the business. For example, increased costs due to environmental protection taxes like carbon taxes is not good for a manufacturing company that releases carbon waste.

The solution to this problem is to understand the meaning and different types of regulations peculiar to your industry, the implications of these regulations to your business and develop the skills or hire an expert or consultant in tax and health sector to deal with these changing regulations.

#3 Finance and business resource management

Many business owners are people with dreams or ideas, great at perceiving gaps in the market, at looking at the big picture and engaging in disruptive thinking but not so good with things like profit margins, finance management, resource management, cost reduction, cash flow, etc.

A business bringing in large profit might seem healthy but might actually be dying because expenditures and expenses are taking a large chunk, say 70-90% percent of the profit. Any business in this situation is very susceptible to bankruptcy or collapse because they have little reserve funds. Therefore, the winds of unexpected increase in cost or expenditure or a recessionary period can easily blow away such a business which is why business owners need to be careful to manage their finance and resource carefully themselves or with the help of an expert.

#4 Technology advancement and changes

Different technologies are being developed from time to time to make business operations and activities fast and more efficient. Keeping up with these technological advancements can be very tasking and difficult. Business owners who don’t implement or follow technology advancement trends will end up being left behind by their competitors.

Therefore, a business, depending on its size will have to make use of the right technological solutions and automation for their business operations, finance and resource management as well as performance tracking. On the other hand, they also have to be careful to choose the right technology that fits their size and capital so they don’t end up overspending with little ROI.

#5 Recruiting and hiring the right people

Recruiting and hiring new employees can be a very difficult task. This is because you have to hire the right people with the right skills, interests and determination that can help your business progress. Recruiting also depends on the size of your business, which means that while recruiting, you have to think of the kind of staff your business needs, whether part-time or full-time employees.

You need to have a number of skill-sets you’re looking for in qualified workers, based on the skill requirements of your business such as IT skills, soft and hard skills, and transferable skills like a foreign language as well as problem solving skills that foster your business’ progress. For example, an essay writing business like AssignmentGeek will have to choose employees with great writing and research skills as well as good academic backgrounds to support their paper and essay writing service.

#6 Marketing and customer relationship management

We live in a digital age where customers have much access to information and depend heavily on peer recommendations. Therefore, unlike the traditional marketing age where companies and businesses relate with customers on their own terms. Now, businesses have to become more customer-oriented in almost all their operations like marketing, product design and development in order to acquire more customers and retain their old customers.

As such, every business owner must make use of the right channels to communicate to potential customers and drive awareness to their brand. For the right customer relationship management, businesses also have to provide mediums such as social media accounts, website, chat option, toll-free call line, emails, etc. for customers to make complaints and give feedback.

#7 Monitoring performance and key performance indicators

Any business that does not have a way of monitoring its performance and key performance indicators is bound to fail. Therefore, businesses have to identify the right key performance indicators to look out for. The business have to analyze those KPIs and communicate the results of the analysis and performance metrics to employees to push business employee cohesiveness where employees can also help in the pursuance of business goals and improve decision making.


There are still other challenges that every business face. However, if you can anticipate the challenges listed above, you should be capable of dealing with them if and when they arise.


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