Weird, Wacky, and Wonderful: 9 Unusual Tips for Content Creation in ‘Boring’ Niches

Weird, Wacky, and Wonderful: 9 Unusual Tips for Content Creation in ‘Boring’ Niches

The same text or video may look very interesting for somebody and boring for somebody else at the same time. There are many businesses which are not really interesting for the general public. Some niches are too specific. For example, these are real estate companies, industrial manufacturers, cleaning services, etc.

The truth is that there’s nothing wrong with an industry itself. It isn’t boring. It just may be too complex so the content is boring. Of course, articles about carpet cleaning are not the first thing you search on the internet. It’s not something you’d like to read about while drinking your morning coffee. However, when your dog turns your carpet into a complete mess with its dirty paws, the situation changes. The main secret of good content is to understand what is interesting for your customers. You can deliver any information in a creative and engaging way, no matter how boring your niche is.

What Does ‘Boring Niche’ Mean at All?

There are some industries that can only be described as boring, this is true. Let’s just mention wire manufacturing, various bolts and nuts, sealing technologies, or cement production. Articles on these subjects are boring by definition. However, quite often, such an effect is even amplified by writers who write these articles for a professional audience. They use a plenty of specific terms, professional jargon, and complex sentences, making the text indigestible for a regular reader.

If you’re a reader, you can just stop reading a boring article. On the other hand, if you’re the one who creates content, you have to embrace the fact that you’ve got a client from a boring niche. Donm’t get upset: Even if your niche is very narrow and specific, nothing stops you from creating good content. Jason McDowell, a writer at Masterra, notes: “The main thing is to find the right approach and attract readers. First of all, it means being less specific and explaining complex things in simple words. Secondly, if you want your text to be more interesting, you should write for a wider audience. Don’t write for customers — write for people who have problems related to your industry. Help them solve these problems.” Illustrate your points with understandable examples, and your content won’t be so boring.

Unusual Tips for Content Creation in ‘Boring’ Niches

#1 Learn Your Customers’ Favorite Topics

Of course, many people may be interested in your product or service, however, there are much more people interested in more general topics that may be related to your niche. You can use it to your advantage. For example, if you write about vacation rentals, there’s no need to focus on furniture and bedrooms only. Tell your readers about the city, clubs, restaurants, and shopping. Your audience will like to learn more about it.

#2 Start from Scratch

If you write content for some narrow and specific niche, the chances are you’re an expert in this field. On one hand, it’s your advantage. On the other hand, it may also be a reason why your content is not understandable for regular readers. Try to start from scratch, like if you saw your topic for the first time. Don’t come up with ready-made answers but try to find them along with your readers. Try to look at your subject from a different angle.

#3 Tell an Interesting Brand Story

Tell more about your brand and do it in an interesting way. Come up with a story. The story should introduce the brand and provide its voice. It also should be sellable. Your story can be emotional or filled with rich visual images. The main thing is to make it original, relatable, and a little provocative. It’s also important to keep in mind information that is most interesting for your audience and provide it at the beginning. For example, MailChimp’s story starts with key benefits of the company and the purposes of the app. After that, we can learn about the history of the brand.

#4 Switch to Another Similar Topic

If you’re stuck with the current topic and don’t see any way you could be creative about it, try to switch to another topic for a while. For example, find a subtopic which is relatively new for you. If your niche is too narrow and it’s hard to find any subtopics, do the opposite and present your topic in a more broad context. Find other topics that have something in common with your main subject. For example, if your main topic is cement, write more about the process of construction and what are the advantages of cement over other materials.

#5 Write About Events

No matter what is your industry, there should be some fairs or other events that take place from time to time. This is especially true for such industries as machinery or special equipment. Events not only help generate interesting ideas and provide you with the news from your industry but they also help you get some visuals (photos or videos). Visuals make your text content much more engaging.

#6 Create a Discussion

Let’s clarify it once again: There are no boring niches, there’s only such thing as boring content. If you see that your content becomes boring and you feel exhausted trying to make it at least a little more interesting — forget about the specifics for a while and focus on some opinion. Get passionate about your topic and make a controversial statement that can spark a discussion. Try to persuade your readers to take your side and encourage them to share their own opinions on the subject.

#7 Ask Weird Questions

It’s a nice method that may help you kickstart your creativity. Perhaps, sometimes you have some odd thoughts when writing about your subject. Try to recall the weirdest questions that crossed your mind. After that, think of whether you can turn these questions into topics. If you don’t have any weird questions, just visit Quora and make a search by your keywords. You’ll find many questions, including unexpected ones.

#8 Use Statistics

The main thing is not to make an already boring subject even more boring. Find some unusual statistical data and turn it into visuals. Data-driven content always attracts attention, so tell your readers in what states people use cleaning services most often, or how sales of hardware correlate with the seasons of the year. If you don’t know where to start searching for data, try Google Public Data Explorer. We also suggest that you check official websites (.gov or .edu) related to your industry.

#9 Tell Stories

The best way to attract readers is to talk about things which are actually interesting for them. In what situations people need to buy your service or product? Recall similar situations from your own life, ask your friends, or search for fun stories on online forums. It will help you grab your readers’ attention and entertain them. Once they are interested in your story, it’s much easier to get to facts and specific information.


If your niche is boring, don’t get upset. Approach your topic creatively, and you’ll be able to deliver even the most boring information in a fun and interesting way. Entertain your readers with stories, ask unusual questions, make controversial statements and make them want to read more. There’s also nothing wrong with going beyond your specific niche from time to time and writing about the whole industry or other subjects that may be interesting for your targeted audience. Specific and narrow niches give you a chance to take your creativity to a new level.


About the Author

Berta MelderBerta Melder is an experienced brand manager, creative writer and enthusiastic blogger. Currently associated with Masterra Writers as a content marketing strategist. Cooperates with different education courses covering a broad range of digital topics as a guest lecturer. Follow her on Twitter.

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