How Buying Your Own Automatic Coffee Machine Can Pay For Itself in Increased Productivity

How Buying Your Own Automatic Coffee Machine Can Pay For Itself in Increased Productivity

A warm cup of coffee is how most employees like to start their day at the office. It makes them feel active and ready for the day. Staff members want something better than a cup of brew from a standard vending machine and going to a café in the vicinity can just be a waste of time. Getting an automatic coffee machine for your office can prove to be a great investment.

Here are some ways in which it can make a huge difference:

#1 It Is Convenient

Employees and staff members require coffee quickly in the morning. With an automatic unit, you don’t need to worry about hiring someone to prepare the machine, grind the coffee or even monitor the brew. The convenience factor is what makes an automatic coffee machine an excellent investment. A good cup of coffee can perk your staff up, so they can start their day on a great note.

#2 The Taste

Making a good brew with an old-style machine requires knowledge about the coffee maker, the bean types used, time for brewing, etc. However, in the end, whether you get great coffee is just a matter of luck. One day the coffee may taste great, while on another, it may not. However, with the use of an automated coffee machine, you can get the same strong and great coffee each day. This will help your workforce stay happy and productive through the day.

#3 Increase in Productivity

It has been scientifically proven that coffee increases productivity. Surveys have found that 89% of office workers believe a cup of coffee in the morning helps improve their work day. Coffee not only boosts energy levels but the coffee machine area becomes a great spot for employees to interact with their superiors in a less formal setting. It gives them the chance to catch up with colleagues from other departments as well. A coffee machine in the office can be an effective way to bring people together and also to liven the work atmosphere. Happier employees tend to be more productive.

#4 ROI

If your employees have to go a cafe across the street for a cup of coffee every day, that is just a waste of time. Regular time losses such as these will affect the overall productivity of your business, which in turn will impact your bottom line. Providing good coffee in-house will improve your staff's productivity levels. You will find that you get much more work done on a daily basis. Thus your automatic coffee machine provides a great return on investment.

Helps Clients

Statistics show that a large percentage of people have coffee at work, so why not ensure your clients have access to it as well? Serving clients dull and tasteless coffee during a business meeting may not help you close a deal. However, a great cup of coffee will please them and can also improve the image of your company.

Some Factors to Consider

When you are buying an automatic coffee machine for your office, there are certain aspects to keep in view such as:

  • The type of coffee you want
  • Your budget
  • Invest in a good coffee machine
  • Check whether the company provides a backup service

Is it Better to Buy or Rent?

The answer to this question will depend on your personal preferences and certain factors such as- renting includes free maintenance which translates to peace of mind for you. When you buy the machine, you have to pay for maintenance, but it's yours. If you invest in a good quality machine, it can last for a number of years with basic maintenance and proper use. In short, buying an automatic coffee machine will pay for itself in productivity and profitability.

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