Facebook Remarketing As A Powerful Tool For Your Online Business

Facebook Remarketing As A Powerful Tool For Your Online Business

Facebook is one of the most powerful promotional platforms for businesses of all types, providing unfettered access to highly targetable audiences around the world.

Where this social media behemoth becomes especially effective is as a remarketing tool, allowing you to reconnect with visitors to your site in a subtle yet measurably beneficial way.

If you still need a little more convincing about the advantages that this strategy offers, let’s delve into it in more detail.


Screen Time

Part of the reason that Facebook holds so much sway over the modern online advertising market is that it is such a significant presence in the daily lives of billions of people globally.

Each day people spend an average of almost an hour using the platform to connect with friends and share content, easily allowing it to outpace its rivals.

As a result, ads which appear in news feeds and side bars will be more likely to earn engagement and create conversions, purely because there is a much higher chance that they will be seen. For an online business that has been burnt by poorly performing digital ads in the past, this could make a big difference.

Proactive Impact

While it’s sensible for any business to create an official Facebook page and keep it up to date to attract customers and provide information, actually earning ‘likes’ and receiving exposure in an organic way is virtually impossible.

This means that there’s no point passively waiting for people who’ve visited your site in the past to search your business out on their social network of choice; you have to actively court them with ads to rekindle the relationship.

Remarketing via Facebook gives you the opportunity to do this while also ensuring that they do not necessarily have to leave the platform and head elsewhere to learn more about the products and services you provide.

Cost Effectiveness

Facebook ads aren’t just static promotional posts that allow users to click through to your content; they can actually be shared by people who see them on their feeds and think that their friends and family would also be interested in what you can do.

This makes remarketing campaigns doubly effective, since your paid ads can also generate organic, word-of-mouth momentum outside of the usual CPC model.

Another offshoot of this is that campaigns can scale along with how shareable and incisive your content is. This will make sure that costs are manageable and deliver a compelling ROI if you happen to strike gold with a particular ad.


Impressive Automation

If you operate or are close to starting an online business, it is likely that you run a web store from which customers can order items to get delivered direct to them, rather than having to maintain a bricks and mortar retail location, with all the associated overheads.

In an e-commerce context, bounce rates can be a real issue and many visitors will be browsing casually when they first land on your site, rather than turning up with a defined purchase plan in mind.

Facebook remarketing doesn’t just give you the upper hand when it comes to reeling in these prospective customers once they have browsed away from your site; it also lets you serve them the most up to date offers, pricing and stock information without having to make manual adjustments each time something changes.

Ads on Facebook can be very dynamic, allowing you to automate the update process and ensure that the most relevant marketing materials are shown to users in real time. That way there will be no disappointment in the case of someone clicking through and finding that you have sold out of a desired product. Check out this guide from Hellosocial to get your dynamic product ads up and running right now.

In Depth Analytics

Being able to catalogue and analyse data relating to the way that people find your site, the type of interactions they make and the way they are converted can be invaluable for an online business. Yet once a visitor has headed elsewhere without sticking around to engage, it can be tough to make sense of how their onward journey influences their decisions.

Having the best analytical tools to track the growth of your business is clearly vital, and this applies to the world of Facebook remarketing as well. Thankfully the platform provides a variety of ways to dissect and dismantle the data that is gathered. In fact, you can harness the Facebook pixel to target visitors to your site, work out how they behave and then tweak your remarketing efforts accordingly to ensure that they are more likely to come back.

In short, a business which fails to leverage Facebook for remarketing in the modern era is overlooking a huge opportunity to boost sales.


About the Author

SimonSimon is a digital marketing expert at Hello Social, one of Australia's leading marketing agencies. He likes to write about Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and all things social to guide small business owners through the jungle that is social media and help brands to increase their visibility in sales.

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