How To Turbocharge Your Social Media Campaigns

How To Turbocharge Your Social Media Campaigns

Write And Publish A Book


By Alinka Rutkowska (

  • Social media campaigns can be boosted tremendously by adding the credibility of being a published author
  • A book also provides a tool for "evergreen" content
  • How to either write and publish yourself or outsource the book and make it easy

Attracting new private clients or mentees requires that you have credibility.




If you have immediate doubts about being able to accomplish what may seem a daunting task, please set that aside for now. We will explore self-publishing and outsourcing in the last section of this article. There is a solution for everyone who wants to write and publish a book. The only question will be the budget and timeline.


Social Media Overload Is Real - How To Capitalize On That


Even though social media is saturated, there are many ways to continue being at the leading edge of your market with your social media strategies.


If implemented correctly, a social media campaign rotation of videos, posts, email campaigns, SEO, and other strategies will create incredible levels of attention.


Every entrepreneur needs an excellent social media strategy. It is paramount in today's world.


However, there is an unbelievable amount of content being pushed out to your audience's screens daily. They have a vast array of choices. It's just like TV, radio, and other old school methods of advertising. Those outlets require hundreds or even thousands of spots (the equivalent of impressions for you younger folks) to get your offer in front of people when they happen to be watching or listening at the exact moment that your ad goes by.


Grabbing attention becomes a non-stop merry-go-round of required effort, and those that love the game can keep the machine going day after day. If they don't like doing it themselves, they hire people to create social media content for them.


Hmm. So you know that you need to create social media. You invest many hours because you like it. Or you hire it out and lose your voice potentially in that process.


Is it possible to boost your social media posts, have your content carry your voice, and make them timeless?


Using An Old School Method To Create Permanent Content


Interestingly, there is an exciting way to "hack" your way through the noise that social media has created. Your audience's attention spans keep getting shorter and shorter as the ever-growing content machine bombards them.


Write and publish a book!


The smartest of the modern-day social media marketing virtuosos are all utilizing this time-tested medium. It parallels all other marketing plans beautifully.


Imagine this: you write and publish a book, and it contains chapters and graphs and stories and other items that you can utilize for other short pieces of content. You then extract many parts out for your social media posts. You've now created a significant "library" of content that can last for a very long time. Referencing your book in each position then leads your audience back to opportunities to purchase it or create new credibility platforms. You are establishing yourself as a thought leader in your niche.


How To Write A Book Yourself


If you're an entrepreneur without a book, you may have wondered how to start. Perhaps you've also worried that genre's already too packed for you and your books to get noticed and bring the rewards you're seeking: business growth, profitable book sales, and notoriety in your field.


Your primary goal, if you are writing and publishing your book, should be to position the book as an adjunct to your other marketing, mainly social media marketing. It can provide permanent content that does not need to be updated every day like your social media campaigns. You will then create a mix of "evergreen" content and "daily" content.


If you are going to publish your book yourself, I'm supplying a step by step guide below. Describing each step in full detail would require another edition of its own (literally), so I'm listing an abbreviated version. There is a wealth of information for each stage of the process online, and you can personally perform every single item if you choose. There are also YouTube videos that walk you through tutorials on the various technical aspects of each self-publishing stage and process.


Outsourcing sites like UpWork and Fiverr are excellent for finding freelancers that can help you with many of the steps, especially critical ones like formatting and editing, that most people don't have the time to learn.


You cannot skip ahead and upload the book before it is ready. Do each step in order, and you will end up with a potent credibility tool - YOUR BOOK!


Self-Publishing Checklist

    • Create the outline for the book's content - this can become the Table of Contents once you have the full text completed, so keep this file separate from the primary book draft
  • Record/write your chapters - Google Docs is a great place to store the draft(s) if you are writing it yourself without transcription of your recordings of what you want in the book. If you are recording yourself, most computers have a sound recorder app, and you can save those files in a Google Drive folder to share with a transcriptionist.
  • Hire a transcriptionist to convert it to text if you recorded yourself first.
  • Editing (necessary if you want a high-quality book):
    • Hire a developmental editor
    • Hire a copy editor
    • Hire a proofreader
  • Hire an interior layout and formatting professional (including any graphics/pictures).
  • Hire a cover designer.
  • Online Publishing:
    • Convert file to Kindle/other digital formats and paperback format
    • Upload files to Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, Apple, and "aggregators" like Draft2Digital and Smashwords for minor sites
    • Create a book description
    • Optimize for online sales
    • Write your author bio
  • Create distribution channels: mainstream offline and online.
  • Create a "launch" campaign/plan/schedule.
  • Promote it through all of YOUR social media channels.

How To Outsource Your Book


When you think of yourself as the company and your book as a product, you can get started immediately on creating a business-boosting book, even if you've never written before (can you say, ghostwriter?).


The challenge is that many people think they can publish a book and immediately shoot to the top of the charts. But if you don't correctly present your product—both the accomplished author with a couple of bestsellers and the new author with a breakout book—will see lackluster sales (if they see any at all).


Despite the quality of your book, our collective access to publication means quality doesn't always outperform quantity. You might have a goldmine of an idea for a book, but with so many voices clamoring for attention, how can you ensure your book snags the attention of your readers?


An appropriately and cleverly marketed book is a powerful way to become known and grow your business.


How do you hire a book writing/publishing company? There are many, so you will need to do your homework.


Here are the eight questions to ask before outsourcing your book:


1. How Do You Determine Pricing For Writing And Publishing My Book?


The fees for writing and publishing can vary from a small amount to over $100,000. The primary concern you should ask about is the list of items NOT done for you. Do not be bashful to ask for this list. An expert publisher will be transparent with disclosing the exact services they complete and which items they do not.


2. What Are The Processes And Timelines?


Some publishers use different staff members to complete each stage. For example, the interview phase, transcription phase, first draft, rough edits, and other steps will potentially require new people. Breaking up the sequence can be a benefit or a disadvantage, depending on their process to catch-up with the new staff at each stage of the previous work.


Some companies use a "team" approach and have a few people do all of the stages. Their expertise might not allow them to be as good as specialists in each area, but if their fee is affordable and your primary concern is speed, this option might be better for you. In my opinion, having a "team" that does their expertise areas, then act as a project management team and oversee the other experts in each stage is the perfect blend. Ask for a process map that shows who will be doing each step of the process.


Also, it would be best to request a very close estimate of how long each stage will take and when the final product will be published.


3. Do I Receive Regular Updates, And How Are Those Shared With Me?


Technology platforms like Google Docs can make life very easy for the publisher to share updates. If they are emailing versions, it can become annoying or even impossible to keep track of completed items and who did them. Since most online platforms that can be utilized to share updates are free, there should not be any charge to keep you informed. Be very diligent in asking that you have easy access to the progress of your book.


4. How Do You Market My Book, And May I See Examples Of Successes?


Writing and publishing a book can be completed on your own if you're willing to invest the many hours needed to learn each skill (see above checklist for DIY writing/publishing). Even if you choose to do it yourself, the biggest challenge you will face is how to market your book. There are both an art and a science to great marketing. Without time-tested methods, you are going to have a difficult time getting attention.


Besides, there is an ROI analysis needed for each marketing channel. You could invest tens of thousands with some publishers, and their history shows that they do not know how to make those dollars create a return on that investment. You don't just want "exposure," you want to make your book turn into more sales in your company, or create a new revenue stream for you, or both!


So make sure the company you hire has specific examples of success. Writing and publishing your book is too time-consuming and emotionally taxing to leave the most critical stage to chance. It is by far the most essential facet of a well-designed book plan.


5. What Are The Platforms You Use To Publish, And How Do You Maximize My Book Listing?


Online and offline publishing worlds change drastically every year. Knowing those platforms, intimately is crucial. Just as critical as marketing, because the platform will dictate the entire marketing plan. Amazon, for example, has gone from an easy to maximize system to a behemoth that practically requires a Ph.D. to navigate. Your writing and publishing company needs to show you many examples of how they have navigated all of the changes and demonstrate their expertise in playing the game that each platform demands.


6. Do You Publish In All Versions - Hardback, Paperback, Ebook/Kindle?


Make sure the company you hire creates all versions of your book. Some do nothing but create an Ebook/Kindle version, and you would be responsible for finding companies to create the other versions.


7. How Much Participation Will You Need From Me Or Allow Me?


Every client has a different idea of how much they want to participate in the process. Some wish to interview then see the final product, and others may want to see every change happening while written. The challenge with being heavily involved with every detail is akin to "seeing the sausage made." A company that lets you see their entire process in live mode should explain to you that there will be times that the book looks incomplete, has typos, is out of order, and doesn't read like anything you would want in print. If they allow your involvement at this level, you need to have an education in being able to look past rough draft versions and many weird changes as they occur. Patience will be vital as you see the product unfolding. Ask the company how they handle these choices.


8. Will You Use My Voice To Write It Or Your Own?


Some authors want their book to be in their "voice." The style of the writing mimics how the author would have written it themselves. Creating a ghostwritten book that sounds like the original author wrote it is incredibly challenging and requires years of experience. If you desire the book to be in your voice, you need to get a list of books the company has produced for clients that did want this style then speak to them to see how closely they felt the company captured their voice.


Online marketing systems, like social media, have rapidly become highly competitive. It would help if you looked at every possible angle to stand out and create a following. The "Who's Who" of internet marketers all have written and published books. They created boosts for their credibility. Those results were impossible to replicate by just more social media content. It's similar to the effect you get when you throw gasoline on a fire instead of just adding more wood. The flash of new energy in your business that will be added by writing and publishing a book can be exhilarating and massively useful.


What is excellent marketing? It's the ability to gather lots of attention. A book can collect massive amounts of new eyeballs and followers. I know of no other single strategy that can add credibility, create new revenue, and add substantial bottom-line income to your company like a book launch and marketing strategy will.


What do you think? Are you excited to go for it and publish your book? I applaud you if you choose to launch your dream of writing and publishing a book. You are going to experience challenges. Be ready for that and okay with it. Permit yourself to enjoy the process and know that you will eventually get the final product in your audience's hands.


If there is anything I can help you with, feel free to connect with me. I welcome the opportunity to hear about your book-writing dreams and challenges.


About the Author


Alinka RutkowskaAlinka Rutkowska ( is a USA Today best-selling author, a Wall Street Journal best-selling author, and a top 100 Amazon best-selling author in business and money. More than 100,000 copies of her books have sold, and Entrepreneur magazine has showcased her book writing process. As Founder and CEO of Leaders Press, she has launched all of its titles to bestseller status. (If you're an entrepreneur looking to get your book ghostwritten, published and promoted up to bestseller status, go to She's also the founder of LibraryBub, which connects independent authors with 10,000+ librarians.

A sought after lecturer, Alinka has been voted "Top 5 Speaker" and named most creative book marketer at the Bestseller Summit Online.

ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox Business, Writer's Digest, Alliance of Independence Authors, International Book Publishers' Association, and many more media outlets have featured Alinka's outstanding resources and advice.


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