How to use Facebook to strengthen your sales process

How to use Facebook to strengthen your sales process

How are we doing today? In the following, I have a little trick that can help to boost your engagements wit prospects and clients through Facebook. I assume that you have noticed that the level of engagement with your Facebook posts has gone down in recent times. Here in the following article, I have a little trick that we can use to get around this rising problem. Now, whether or not you can fit this trick in will ultimately depend on your sales process and it is your job to decide if you can fit it in, or not. I don’t want to hear you say, “This won’t work for me.” I would rather hear things like, “how can I make this work in my sales process?”

There is a reason why fewer and fewer people are seeing your posts, and why you’re not reaching your target audience. At the end of the day Facebook is a business, just like us. What the people behind the scenes have found is, if they don’t give you a lot of exposure they can get you to, “pay to play,” that’s how they make their money! They want you to go down the route of sponsored advertising, so they encourage you to boost your posts. Now … Sponsored ads and post boosting can work wonders for businesses and I encourage you to look into this, see can it work for you, but be smart about it. Ok … Enough about sponsored ads, that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. I want to tell you something that you can do for free, something that can really bolster up your sales process.

This trick will work especially well if you’re the type of business that has a longer lead time on the decision-making process, or if you have to set up sales meetings or work on an enquiry or quotes basis. So, this is what I want you to do - set up a private Facebook group for your business. You have probably noticed yourself, you see more content on Facebook from a private group than you do from a Facebook page, right?

What you want to do is set up a Facebook group and make sure it’s connected to your Facebook business page. This is a group that you can put your prospects into. You can call it whatever you like XYZ Building or ABC Plumbing information, call it whatever you want!

The next step is using this group. Basically, when you talk to a prospect, get them to join your group. Plug your Facebook group when you start your initial sales conversation. Let them know that you have an array of content, tell them that they can watch videos, look at photos, tell them there are areas to have discussions, and ask any necessary questions.

The Facebook group is private. Make sure to add anyone who is considering doing business with you. Do this at the start of your engagements! Add them to it; make them look for the group. Get them to make an application and approve them on the spot! Once they are in this group, a few magical things happen. Firstly, they are more likely to see any content you post. Why is this? If an individual is part of a group, it shows Facebook that they are interested in what that group has to offer. Basically Facebook prioritises content from that group into their newsfeed. If you’re not in any Facebook groups I encourage you to join a few and you will see this for yourself.

Make sure that you are a group admin! If you are a group admin, you don’t just see who likes or comments on the post. You can see how many people have viewed the post, and it shows you right down to their names. Your able to see how is looking at what. This can really help from a sales point of view. For example, if you notice that someone is looking at every one of your posts, you should consider carrying out a sales phone call or follow up call to them.

Private groups are a great tool that you can use to leverage of Facebook without having to pay for sponsored ads. But the best thing about it is, if carried out correctly and effectively you can actually get a much higher reach than you would with any Facebook business page. If you have a business page you have to invest a lot of time and money to get engagements and reach your target audience, and even at that people still might not see your posts.

So there you have it! There is a quick tip on how to bolster your sales process and continue to build up your client relationships for free using Facebook. You can get an insight into which prospects are super interested and shows you who is looking at what. Try it out, see how it works and you will see it is a very, very effective method!

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