10 Traits of the Successful Leader

10 Traits of the Successful Leader

#1 Clarity


You are the visionary rainmaker. You need focus and clarity to make your moves 'on purpose' and 'on point'. This not only help you in motivating you to keep driving towards your goal no matter what obstacles appear in your path, but also inspires and motivates those around you.


Clarity is best created with planning, and regular review of your progress at check points. I recommend every 90 days you create a plan for the next 90-day period, and then check your progress on a daily or weekly basis.


#2 Productive


Being productive is the result of 2 things, efficiency and effectiveness. Efficiency means that you do things right, and that your team and systems work. Having to re-work tasks because they were not done correctly the first time is inefficient.


Effective means you're doing the right things. You're working on the tasks you are best suited to and have the skills to carry out. The same goes for your team.


You never want to be 'busy', a successful leader is always Productive rather than busy.


#3 Drives the Team


Your role is to drive the team and hold them accountable to achieving KPI's (Key Performance Indicators). Make sure each team member is aware of exactly what is expected of them and knows when they're on or off track. Continually drive your team to stay focused and on task helping them do better, be better and feel better about their role and their contribution to achieving the goal.


#4 Problem Solver


You are certainly going to come across your fair share of hurdles, and how you react or respond to these issues will define you. Your team will look to you for the answers, your job is to work with your team to come up with the best solutions. A great leader possesses the ability to problem solve on the go. Tackle problems head on and as quickly as possible.


#5 Great Communicator and gives feedback


Clear outcomes are a result of clear communications. If your team is not sure of they're doing a great job or not, then how can you expect them to be happy and working with 100% purpose and productivity. Your ability to communicate clearly will make sure each team member knows where they stand and what part they play in achieving the goal.


As tough as it can be, you will need to give feedback when a team member is 'dropping the ball', no one want to suck at their job, helping them understand where they're going wrong and giving them the training and guidance to do better will be welcomed by your entire team.


#6 Develops Self


You don't know what you don't know until you know what you don't know! Ongoing development of your own knowledge and skills is extremely important. As Ray Kroc said "You're either green and growing, or ripe and rotting". As a leader, you need to be investing into your own personal development.


#7 Develops Others


By developing each of your team members you'll help them to become leaders too. Humans by design are fulfilled when they learn new skills and achieve previously hard to reach goals.


The training that happens before the game, and the debrief after the game are what wins the game.


#8 Innovates


It's no secret that change is happening faster than ever before. You need to be able to pivot quickly and adapt to changes in your market. Welcome innovation and look for ways to make everyone's job easier, more fun and more rewarding. If you sit with your head stuck in the sand you will quickly lose the respect of your team.


#9 Confident


Stand by your word and drive forward with confidence. Your team will look to you for certainty, and if you falter, they will falter too. Being confident will come from your own clarity and focus. A confident leader will have a confident team.


#10 Integrity


Be congruent and lead by example. This story really hits home.


In the 1930's there was a young boy who had become addicted to and obsessed with eating sugar. His mother decided to get help and took the long and hot journey with her son walking many miles and hours under the scorching sun.


She finally reached Gandhi and asked him to tell her son to stop eating sugar, it wasn't good for his health. Gandhi replied, "I cannot tell him that. But you may bring him back in a few weeks and then I will talk to him." The mother was confused and upset and took the boy home.


Two weeks later she came back. This time Gandhi looked directly at the boy and said, "Boy, you should stop eating sugar. It is not good for your health." The boy nodded his head and promised he wouldn't. The boy's mother was puzzled. She asked, "Why didn't you tell him that two weeks ago when I brought him here to see you?"


Gandhi smiled and said "Mother, two weeks ago I was eating a lot of sugar myself."


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