Using Video in your Marketing to Generate more Leads and increase Sales

Using Video in your Marketing to Generate more Leads and increase Sales


More and more businesses are using Video in their Marketing. It not only increases Trust with your audience, it allows you to get your message across using a popular medium. Videos boost sales and you will find that using videos in your marketing will increase your conversion rate, engagement and your brand on social media.


Here are 7 Reasons you should use video in your marketing:


#1 Video allows you to build an audience


People are really loving video, and video is a great way for you to build an audience in addition to all the other noise out there. If you are making videos to reach your audience, and your competition isn’t, you will stand out. Use video to reach your prospects and encourage them to get engaged with what you have to say.


#2 Video leads to building trust and credibility


By delivering messages via video, it gives you authority in your industry.  If no one else is using videos in your industry, this could work to your advantage. Building great video content shows people that you are an expert in your field. Your audience will then turn to you when looking for your product or service.

  #3 Using Video in your Sales Process  

Videos have been proven to increase sales and your conversion rate, which is why more and more business owners are using it in their sales process. Whether its an explainer video or a welcome video, it gets your message across and gives the entire process a human element.


There are several ways, or several different times within your business that you can use video to enhance your sales message. For example, your sales process may require some educational videos that will help your prospect with their decision. Video has been proven to to assist in increasing conversion rates which in turn then decreases acquisition cost per customer. This is important when calculating how your marketing dollars are being spent.


#4 Videos Boost Sales


If you use videos the right way, you can increase your sales for less marketing dollars. If your video campaign is well set up and you are consistent in posting videos, then you will get a good result. It is highly recommended that you create video content for your business not just to build the audience, but to generate more leads and increase your conversion rate which then leads to boosting your sales.


#5 Videos Increase Engagement


Emails that have video content embedded in them will increase engagement. People are more likely to read your emails and engage if you have a welcome or an explainer video in your email. It’s really important if you're using emails that there's a tool to communicate with your database Because let's face it, you know email has options to add multimedia. So why not move away from the norm and add some video to it.


#6 Video Increases Social Sharing


If you look at statistics, with Facebook and even with Instagram, they enjoy great results with video. Facebook has become flooded with business pages so it's really hard for you to get noticed. Facebook has changed all their algorithms, so business pages get hardly any exposure unless you spend money. So, if you want to get a better engagement on social media and you want to get more social media sharing, then video is a great way to do it.


#7 Google Loves Video


One of the main reasons you should use Video in your Marketing is that Google loves Video Content. Google owns YouTube, and YouTube is a major a video platform that is fast becoming a social media platform. If you’re creating YouTube videos and then embedding them into your emails or on Social Media, it will actually assist when people are looking, for help with whatever it is that you do. The two most searched terms on the planet is how to and something followed by the word review, so even if all you do is you generate a whole bunch of content with how to or reviews of products or services that you offer and you embed those on your website and you use those on your YouTube channel. Google will recognize it. Google wants to give those consumers, the best possible and most relevant information, when they do that search. And if your video is really to the point and has great information and content, then Google will show that to lots of people, and that can do nothing but help you grow your business.


Use the power of VIDEO to increase your Sales and Build Trust with your audience and if you need some help with your video content click here for more information.


About the Author


Ben Fewtrell is a sought-after Business Coach, Keynote Speaker and trainer who has featured in Virgin’s Inflight Magazine and Entertainment Portal, SKY Business and “Secrets of Top Business Builders Exposed”. He is also the host of the popular Business Brain Food Podcast where he interviews leading experts on anything and everything business.

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