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This template comes ready to use and is a fully dynamic planning template that updates you as your complete it. The whole idea of an effective and useful business plan is to think about what your business does and the actions you are going to take to manage it.

It should be a written example of how your business will operate and should be a simple overview of your business.

Catherine and Alex Kavadas were doing property repairs and maintenance as a hobby to earn some extra income on the side. It was when they decided to take things to the next level that they realised they needed help. They had no clear business goals or mutual vision for the future. MaxMyProfit helped them find a common language and a sense of direction, and reinvigorated their self-belief.

Their electrical business was doing well, but Wayne and Sarah needed structure and advice to help it grow in the right direction and maintain consistent profits. After working with MaxMyProfit for only four months, they learned to delegate tasks, increased profit by 50% and now feel they are on the same page as they face the future.