10 May The Keys to Converting your Prospects into Sales

There is absolutely no point in generating prospects or leads if you cannot convert them. As a business owner, you spend time and money coming up with a Marketing Plan that generates leads for your business. But after all this effort, the sale doesn’t happen.

Being a good salesperson is extremely important for any business. In some cases, you as a business owner are also the salesperson. In other cases, you may have a sales team that does the selling for you. In any case, a good salesperson is critical to a business.

Knowing when to ask questions in a conversation is very important. When speaking to someone either in person or on the phone, it is crucial to keep the conversation going. Make your prospect do the talking and tell you their story. This forms an instant connection and develops trust.

It is also important that you ask all or most of the questions because in doing so, you are qualifying your prospect for the sale.

It is fascinating to observe how few businesses actually have a process for selling their products or services. This is the core part of any business success.

Understanding that process and how valuable it can be is the key to converting your prospects to sales.

Important elements of a Sales Process:

  • Clear Cut Goals and KPI’s
  • Finding new customers regularly through marketing strategies put in place (e.g. Referral Partner Programs)
  • Training for Sales Team to Qualify Leads
  • The importance of following up.

Without sales, there is no marketing, production, delivery, budgeting, cash flow, and on. And without any of these elements, you don’t have a business.

Once you have a clear Sales Process and your team understands what they need to do your conversion from prospect to sale will increase.

Not everyone loves sales. But as a business owner, it is important to keep your Sales hat on. If you really think about, it’s not the fear of selling that affects people, it’s the fear of not selling. Have you heard of a businessman disappointed that he made a sale?

If you dig deeper into the meaning of Sales, you are actually helping someone else with a problem, desire or need. That is the only reason they will buy from you. Take business coaching for example. A business owner faces challenges in business which is why he or she needs a business coach. As a business coach, you are fulfilling the need for a business owner.

Quick tips to help you overcome your fear of NOT selling:

  • Education and training – never stop learning. Do courses, speak to people who are in the same arena. There is always something new to learn.
  • Practice – once you learn, put it into practice. It is not going to happen overnight. You are not going to gain confidence the next day.
  • Take a deep breath – before speaking to the person in front of you, take a step back, re-evaluate your situation, relax and then approach.
  • Get Help – if you need help with sales, invest in a Sales Coach.

If you have a great Sales Process, a well-designed Marketing Strategy to get leads and a trained and skilled salesperson (could be you), then you have everything you need to turn your prospects into sales.

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