What is an Excelerator™?

A Business Excelerator™ is a specialised coach who provides business help.

The Business Exceleration™ Program also covers a membership level that provides access to resources and our Trusted Partners.

We help you to:

  • Find clarity
  • Define your business purpose
  • Address and conquer your fears
  • Define your business structure
  • Identify the best financial strategy for your business… and much more

We coined the word Business Excelerator™ because we are more than just coaches. When you join one of our programs, we help you build the business you imagined by giving you tools, resources, and unlimited support.

Our aim always is to exceed your expectations.


Will I get to work one-on- one with a Business Excelerator™?

This depends on your membership level.

PREMIUM membership

  • Dedicated Business Excelerator™ with whom you’ll work one to one
  • Access to our other Excelerators and Trusted Partners at events, in the Hub and on our Exclusive Member-Only Facebook Page.

TRAINING membership

  • Access to our Excelerators and Trusted Partners but not one-on- one coaching.
  • Access to our Members Only Hub and on our Exclusive Facebook Page.

Will you do the work for me?

Let me ask you a question – when you join the gym, does your trainer do the exercises for you?

With a Business Exceleration™ program, you must do the work yourself to achieve the goals you’ve set and build the business you always imagined.

Our Business Excelerator™ guide and advise you each step of the way to help you achieve success.

How much time do I have to commit?

We found that those who put in some extra hours benefit a little bit more. However, you can get away with just a few hours a week in the Business Exceleration™ Hub. With all the tools, videos and resources readily available, all you have to do is login and learn.

What if I need extra help?

Our programs are comprehensive and our library is full of audios, videos, templates and articles that help you with any questions you may have about your business.

We also have a team of Trusted Partners – experts in their fields – who can provide any extra help you need. You’ll always find support.

What if I don’t like the Business Excelerator™ I am working with?

We match our team of Excelerators to our members with great deal of thought. However, we understand that sometimes your Business Excelerator™ may not be the right fit for you. Should this be the case, simply put in a request with the max my profit team.

Is Business Exceleration™ Australia’s most comprehensive business program?

I’m glad you asked. We provide our members with:

  • Hundreds of resources and unlimited support.
  • Access to the Business Excelerator™ Hub with over 500 resources, including videos, templates and to-do lists to help your business.
  • Unlimited access to a library of blogs, articles and online training.
  • The MaxMyProfit carefully vetted directory of Trusted Partners who can help in specialist areas such as Finance, Law, Marketing (Digital and Lead Generation) and SEO.

Our (closed) Facebook group comprises of our team, MaxMyProfit members and Trusted Partners only. This is a great place to connect with other business owners in a mutually supportive environment. Ask questions, have a rant or support another business owner – it’s up to you.


This program has helped members in many different industries. Read some of our members’ success stories here.

IT specialists, Physiotherapists, Plumbers and Retailers (amongst many others) have increased their profits, are working fewer hours and have more time to spend with their families after enrolling in one of our programs.

My business is different. Will it still work for me?

We get asked that a lot. And the answer is YES. Our programs are set up to help any business in any industry.

Can I talk to your current clients to see their results?

Our members are happy to chat to you about the success and growth they’ve achieved after they signed up to a Program. But first, we recommend you read their success stories here.

If you feel that chatting with our members would help you with your decision, we’ll set up a time and date for you. All you have to do is CLICK HERE

Are programs tax-deductible?

Yes, our programs are tax deductible.

I’ve been in business for years. Will I still benefit?

Definitely! If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, our Business Exceleration™ Programs and our experienced team of Excelerators are here to guide and advise you so you can build the business you always imagined.

I don’t have a business yet. Is there any point in joining now?

Our programs cater to start-ups as well as business owners who’ve been in business for a long time. Our programs and resources help you build the correct foundation right from the start, and we guide and advise you to help you build a successful business.

We see a great benefit in helping start-ups and offer programs starting from as low as $10/day. This is a great way to help you build the correct foundation and offer you all the help you need to build a successful business.

Are there government grants available to pay for my program?

This depends on the industry you’re in. Get in touch 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we offer monthly subscriptions.

What return on investment can I expect?

You’ll determine your return on investment. Our clients report ROI of from 100% to more than 300%.

Must I pay extra for partners to be involved in the program and attend events?

No – and this is a key difference that sets us apart from other coaching programs.

You and your business partner(s) can participate in all your coaching sessions together. You can also bring up to 2 people from your business to all our events and workshops. If you’d like to bring more than 2 people, they can attend for a smaller fee.

Can I get my team involved in the program?

Yes you can, with our Team Add-on memberships. This is in addition to your membership and enables your team to support you in your growth. They can be on equal or lower memberships. When you get your team involved, you know you’re all working towards the same goals, using the same strategy and the same tools, which means less work for you.

I don’t have time for online training. Will the program still benefit me?

To get the most out of the program, we recommend that you do some online training.

The online training has helped many business owners to increase sales and reduce their working hours, which means they can spend more time with friends and family.

You have 24/7 access to the tools, resources, audio and video libraries so you can fit in a quick module when you have some free time.

Why is the program a minimum of 12 months?

It takes time and education to grow your business and take it to the next level. We believe in taking it slowly and getting it right.

In our experience, 12 months is the ideal program length for business owners to achieve business success.

I live outside of Australia/NZ. Can I still join a program?

Please contact us


Terrific! The next step is to organise a business strategy session with one of our Business Excelerators.

This is a complimentary and comprehensive 90 minute session where we work out together what areas of your business need work and what you are looking to achieve from your program.

All you have to do is click the button below and fill in your details and one of our Business Excelerators will give you a call as soon as possible.