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11 Oct How Business Coaching helped Mark and Antony increase their revenue by 45% and Pay Down $300k in Debt

After going through the honeymoon period of starting a business, Mark and Antony were at each other’s throats. They were at a breaking point – either they were going to make this business partnership work – or throw everything they worked for out the window.

In a chat with Mark Vincent from Habitat media, Ben uncovers some truths on what business was like for Mark and his business partner Antony Neeson before business coaching, and how our Business Exceleration™ Program helped then build the business they imagined when they first started out.

Who are Mark and Antony?

Mark Vincent and Antony Neeson own a company called Habitat Media. They are creative and strategic specialists who help brands embrace the new world. Through a mix of communication channels and technologies they deliver the power of big ideas direct to the target consumer. They specialise in non-traditional, left field marketing campaigns for big corporates and have been in business for nearly 6 years.

After about 3 years of almost ending a 35-year-old friendship, they looked for help, particularly professional help. From reading books, to watching videos and attending seminars – all which proved helpful but not enough – they soon realised they needed real world, face to face business coaching and mentoring and that’s when they approached MaxMyProfit.

On the verge of decline they had already given up when they came for their first meeting. They needed to find out how our programs would help them get the business up to where it needed to be and figure out where their potential lies.

Mark and Antony have been on a Business Exceleration™ program for about 3 years. So how long did it take to turn their business around? A lot of people assume that coming on to a business coaching program is a quick fix – it’s not.

In Mark’s own words when asked whether this was a quick fix:

“No, not at all. In fact, for us it’s been probably only the last 12 to 18 months. It’s one thing for one of us in the business partnership to really connect with what we’re doing with you guys, but it’s taking for both of us to align and work together with our business coach, that it started to work for us really well”.

Mark also talks about what is involved in his business coaching program. One of the most important things to remember is that you’re not only investing your money, you’re also investing your time. You don’t lose your first 10 kilos at the gym if you don’t put in the time and effort at the gym and in your diet. Joining the program (like joining the gym) is only your first step. After 12 months, Habitat Media has seen a 45% increase in their revenue which allowed them to pay off approximately $300,000 in debt. Now that they are passed square one, they can earn double the amount in profit and be in a comfortable place in their business.

Some of the awesome benefits that Mark and Antony have seen after being on a Premium Business Exceleration™ Program:

Return on Investment

Their return on investment has been great. They are seeing their profits double and a 45% increase in revenue. Their program has helped them chalk out a 1,3, 5 and 10-year Business Plan which will consistently help them grow their profits and revenue.

Work Life Balance

Both Business Partners are now spending time doing what they enjoy. Having a plan in place, and a business that runs without them has given them the opportunity to do the things they love, spend time with their loved ones and take out time to work ON their business.

Learning how to work with your Business Partner

From almost ending their friendship, they have grown immensely as Business Partners together. People see that from the outside now, and see that these guys are not at each other’s throats anymore. This shows that they are united and want to take their business to the next level, and pull everyone else along with them.

Now that Mark and Antony are on the same page, things are a lot better in the business and it has played a big part in their growth. And even though sometimes they have a difference in opinion on certain aspects of their business, they are seeing eye to eye on many things and more importantly they can now rely on each other and that relieves a lot of burden.

When asked where they would be if they had not joined a Business Exceleration™ program, they clearly say that they would not have the fighting spirit to keep growing and they would either be trudging along or would have given up. Their 35-year-old friendship would have been ruined and the business would have just been a burden. Business coaching has made a big difference to their business, their revenue and profits, and more importantly, their lives.

If you are trying to figure out whether business coaching is a good fit for you, take some advice from someone who has been in one of our programs for 3 years plus. The Habitat Boys have kicked goals and unlocked potential that they didn’t know they had. They wanted to become better at owning a business, so they got a business coach. It would be the same if you wanted to become better at tennis or soccer. You need a coach to help you because no one has all the answers.

Whilst we don’t have magic wands, we do have the resources to help you grow your business.

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