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05 Jun How Improving Customer Services Helps in Maximizing Profits?

Every business aims at making profits. This can only be done if a business is well established to compete against others. This is something that requires intensive marketing knowledge and skills. There are numerous ways to market a business, most of which are way too expensive. But, by using a creative strategy, it is easy to earn more.

Excellent customer services can lead to an incredible increase in sales. Most consumers are willing to spend more with companies they believe can offer exceptional and quality services and products. When business owners focus on impressing customers, they will be creating a positive reputation that will promote their brand and attract more traffic. Nordstrom is an excellent example of a company that invests in good customer service, and if you ask any of their shoppers about the experience they’ve had with Nordstrom’s support team, you’re sure to hear almost exclusively positive opinions. Below we’re going to discuss a few strategies that they – along with every other company that cares about their customers – employ in order to make their customer service as efficient as possible.

Important tips for improving Customer Services

Customers’ satisfaction

Maximizing customers’ satisfaction increases the company’s chances for repeated sales, and at the same time helps reduce the cost of marketing. It also increases the chances of gaining customer loyalty who keep the business afloat, rather than spending much on marketing the business which might have a low ROI.

Customers’ recommendations

If the customers are satisfied, chances are they will end up talking about it and recommending the products and services to friends. This gives new customers’ the confidence to purchase, turning them to recurring leads for the business.

Product discounts

Every year, businesses are at risk of losing approximately 10% of customers through the impact of competition. Every business owner has to prevent this from happening and retain customers; they have to go an extra mile. They must do something their competitors won’t do in order to impress and keep customers. Reducing customer losses by 1% boost business profits by at least 5% each year. Imagine what would happen if businesses reduce losses by 10%.

Customer satisfaction helps businesses to retain clients for an extended period so that they can keep contributing to the firm’s profitability. Some of the other ways to attract customers and ensure they are satisfied are as follows:

Friendly support staff

The front line workers must have required knowing how to keep customers satisfied. This is where the heart of all customer service lies. The front line staff comprises of the employees who interact directly with the customers. They can quickly determine the customers’ likes, dislikes and how they perceive the brand. They know what should be improved or eliminated to keep the clients happy.

The customer service support service must have an appealing personality, patience to listen, communicate, and resolve conflicts.

Offer referral incentives

When customers seem to be enjoying services and doing business with the company, it is a great chance to give them a something more like a favour or an incentive to do something in return. This can be completed by offering free gift cards or vouchers to clients who refer others to the business. It will push them to promote the business at a low cost, compared to an all-inclusive marketing plan.

Selling related products under one platform

When a client purchases an item, the business’ cloud services save the activity into a database. This happens each and every time a client makes a purchase. With the collected data, the business can analyse the individuals’ purchasing trends.

Once the business determines individual trends and patterns, it can now offer products which are usually “brought together with” the customers’ pick. By doing this, customers will get all their shopping without having to filter through hundreds of Google results, therefore opting to come back again and again.

Create a customer feedback platform

Businesses should have a way of receiving feedback from clients as it helps to gather ideas on what they think about services. They can provide an email or phone number where clients can send direct texts or emails. Businesses can also offer a feedback section on the business’ website for them to put down reviews. Regardless of which way the company chooses, the goal is to know if the business is meeting the customers’ expectations.

The feedback also helps the company to understand if the consumers love the products, or if some changes should be made to improve them. Responding to the compliments and complaints is an excellent way to motivate them to keep coming, as it shows that their opinions are valued and appreciated. Business owners can use the compliments and critics to make businesses better, thus increasing sales.