Grow your business through LinkedIn

14 Feb How to use LinkedIn to grow your Community and Increase your Sales

Many business owners and sales teams have asked whether LinkedIn is worth the effort. Is it just a waste of time and money?

LinkedIn is known for its directory of Business Owners, professionals and recruiters, and if used correctly, it can be one of your key Marketing Strategies.

Job seekers are always on LinkedIn looking for their next opportunity. Recruiters are hunting for their top candidates. Business coaches are looking for the ideal client and Business Owners are looking for media opportunities. These are only a few things that active LinkedIn users are using this incredible Social Media platform for.

After using this platform for a while, here are seven things you can do to grow your community and ultimately your sales through LinkedIn.

Create your Avatar

Before jumping into creating your LinkedIn strategy, it is important to chalk out what you want out of it and who you want to target. The best way to start doing this is to create an avatar.

Your Avatar is your ideal client. For example, if you are trying to recruit people to sell a franchise to, your ideal client would be people who are already in that business, have experience in the business model, are out of a job, are sick of the 9-5, house wives who want to work their own hours … the list goes on. Create your avatar and use this as a criterion for when you find your leads on LinkedIn.

Using Sales Navigator

LinkedIn has the ultimate tool which helps any business increase their sales. Using Sales Navigator helps you create lists of leads according to your avatar and allows you to engage with them at your own pace. For example, you can create a list of Lawyers in the Sydney CBD and save that list. Once you have saved a list, go ahead and add these leads to your navigator. Once added, you can see what your selected lawyers are doing on LinkedIn which gives you the opportunity to engage them by “liking”, “commenting” or “sharing” their posts. By engaging, you are creating a presence on LinkedIn and people will get to know you and click on your profile to see what you do.

Engagement Pods

An engagement pod is one of the fastest ways to boost engagement on LinkedIn. It is a group chat of a few people you know who have agreed to engage in your posts by Liking, Sharing and Commenting. The whole group participates and gives your posts (and their posts) a chance on the LinkedIn feed. The more engagement your post receives, the more visibility it gets on the news feed.

Plan your content

It is important that you stay consistent when using LinkedIn. If you start posting and get some traction, continue providing vale to your audience. What makes a post engaging is videos, photos and stories. When you post, make sure you are not always selling or inviting people to events. Make it more personal and help them get to you know you.

To stay consistent, plan your content out 6 months to a year in advance. Highlight this in your Marketing Plan and use this as one of your strategies to generate leads. Pick your topics, list them down and review so that you are always up to date. If you are too busy to create content regularly, then perhaps engage in a copy writer. Get a team together to make your LinkedIn Strategy work.

Draft your messages for Invitations

For you to stay considerably effective, draft your invitations beforehand. Keep a list ready to go so that you can cut and paste and send invitations quicker. This also comes in handy once you outsource your LinkedIn Strategy to someone else. If someone else is doing the inviting for you, they have a list of invites to choose from ready to do.

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