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SalesPLUS Program

If you’re looking to dramatically increase your leads, improve your marketing results and your conversion rate then the MaxMyProfit SalesPLUS Program is the right fit for you.

You’ll be working with a dedicated Sales Coach and a dedicated Marketing Coach to get long term sustainable results.

What’s Included in your SalesPLUS Program

Marketing Insights Review

Your coaches will conduct a Marketing Insights Review to ensure that your Marketing Plan and Sales Processes are hitting the necessary business KPI’s and Targets. There will be a thorough analysis on your Client Avatar, your Website Presence, Your Top 3 Competitors and what they are doing to generate sales and your Unique Selling Proposition.

A Defined Sales Process

A defined Sales Process is important for any business. Your coacheswill work with you to review your CRM strategy, the systems you are using to generate leads and develop KPI’s for your sales team. You and your sales team will get training which will get your sales team performing in no time. You will also create a Sales Kit to support your sales team and hold them accountable.

A Marketing Implementation Schedule

Increasing your productivity, your leads and your profits.Your coach will work with you and implement a Marketing Schedule that you can use instantly. This will cover your test and measure strategy, the tools you will need for each campaign and a month by month budget for each strategy you do.

Digital, Social And Traditional Marketing Roadmap

During your comprehensive digital, social and traditional assessment, your coach will be able to come up with SEO, Social Media and Lead Generation Strategies to get you generating more clients. Your coach will go through what your touch points are and help you build your prospect base. You will also gain a better understanding on email marketing strategies amongst other benefits that will help you with your Marketing and Sales Plan.

Learn More

To find out more about how our SalesPLUS program can help you, download your copy of the application form here. You will find our prices, inclusions and terms and conditions outlined on this PDF.