Turning dreams into a business reality

You can have it all

Dawn Cady approached MaxMyProfit to help build her pain transformation coaching business. She was at a point in her life where she had a strong desire to help people manage pain, but did not know how to turn her impulse into a business. Describing herself as a “flighty” person, Dawn needed someone more grounded to help her realise her business dream. 


• Dawn faced major challenges in terms of her business skill set and self-belief


After living with chronic pain herself, Dawn Cady began coaching people to help them get off painkillers and take the steps needed to manage chronic pain. She decided she wanted to expand her coaching into a formal business, but had no skills and lacked the confidence to push herself.

MaxMyProfit helped her overcome these obstacles by providing her with a coach who spurred her on as well as providing her with practical business tools. Most importantly, Dawn developed the self-confidence she needed to make her business a reality.


1. Having an overall vision

To have an impulse to help others is not the same as having a structured business plan and a clear idea of where the business could lead. Dawn lacked the overall vision she needed to breathe life into her business.

Solution: MaxMyProfit became a cheerleader for Dawn’s business, supporting what she did and suggesting pathways to take. She says it’s rare to find someone who will do that for you. The benefit for Dawn was having someone to explain that what she was doing was not necessarily the right thing, and helping guide her business to align with her vision.

2. No clarity and direction

Dawn had a vague idea of what she wanted to do, but her ideas lacked cohesion. She needed some help sorting her ideas into a realistic business plan and the tools to do it.

Solution: Working with someone outside the business gives you a birds-eye view of your situation. “They want you to achieve, they genuinely do,” Dawn says of MaxMyProfit. When problems arose, MaxMyProfit would look at the possible strategic actions and work Dawn through the process. The MaxMyProfit online hub provided the tools to help her structure her business in a practical way.

MaxMyProfit helped Dawn collect her thoughts and decide on strategic actions before she became aware action was needed.

She describes coaching as a shortcut to success – instead of taking ten years to build the business through trial and error, it can be done in a year.

3. Lack of structure and clarity

Dawn’s mindset was not where it should have been to run a successful business. She needed affirmation that her personal experience could be turned into a way of helping others

Solution: Dawn says if she hadn’t joined MaxMyProfit she would not have a business, “because I would have given up on myself”. She says she had a lot of things she needed to deal with personally before she realised she was doing good for people. She says her coach, Simon, “helped me believe in myself”. Her favourite part of the program was the one-on-one contact with the coach and seeing the same person on a regular basis. This personal approach meant she knew there was someone who cared, someone, holding her accountable for her business actions. “You’re not just letting yourself down,” she says. “You feel like you’re letting the other person down because you made a promise to them.”


Working with MaxMyProfit has given Dawn clarity and focus, helping her to take the business in a more strategic direction.

Dawn now realises just how powerful her journey toward her goal of helping people with pain has been. She says the life skills she has learned through coaching are invaluable.

For Dawn, coaching has delivered a much-needed boost of self-confidence and has given her the practical tools she needed to push ahead in her business.

“There are beautiful things that you can do out there. Sometimes you just need someone to help you.”

“If you want to find out what you want to do, you need to get a coach. Having that clarity and focus on what I want to do with my life… You can’t put a price on that.”