These three DISC reports help you in hiring the right people for your team.

Hiring and Selection

Finding, hiring and retaining talent seems to be the talk of the town these days. Lots of focus is being given to finding those special people that have the talent needed to drive organizations to the highest levels. With the fairly large pool of available candidates, it is a challenge just figuring out how to wade through them to reduce the numbers so your hiring staff can focus on selecting the best of the best. Even though assessments are playing a role in the selection process, it seems the main deciding factor is still the interview. The problem with this is — BIAS. It is an irrefutable fact that people have biases and blind spots in their processing and judgment ability. The work in neuroscience has confirmed that there are over 75+ biases in how we process information. Research has also demonstrated that eyewitnesses can be wrong over 75% of the time and that 95% of the time we are merely responding to our environment and not thinking about how we will respond; we just ‘do it.’

Judgment Screening Assessment

This report has been designed to flip the paradigm of only screening the top talent. Screening for your minimum qualifications in education and experience, is fairly straight forward and objective. There are even several web based options that can collect the data for you and automate that first pass.

What is left is more difficult to screen for the talent you want, the people that fit the position and, most importantly, the people with the judgment capability that will propel your enterprise to its highest level.

The JUDGMENT compass Screening Report makes that job manageable and at a cost that allows you to screen all qualified candidates to determine which ones deserve a closer look. Why spend a few precious minutes on an interview when for about the same cost or even lower you can get that first look to determine the risk of hiring that person.

Judgment Employability Assessment

For the now narrowed applicant pool, the Employability Report is selected to provide any HR manager with the needed information to make better decisions on top candidates and to remove their own bias in the staffing process. This report requires no additional action on the part of the applicant as it is created based on the screening report.

It will pinpoint the risk of performance in 20 skill and competency areas and provide interviewing questions to help expose the potential issues. The information becomes excellent for onboarding issues as well, as you will understand how to bring the new hire up to speed faster and set realistic performance goals.

Judgment Coaching Assessment

Once a candidate joins your team the arguably most important component of this series is the Coaching Report that identifies areas of strength, areas for growth, and areas where potential blocks in judgment can lead to performance issues. This provides incredibly important information for the manager, team
members, and the L&D departments as they chart a development course to keep a top hire engaged.

Now that you’ve made that great hire insure your investment with the third step in our Total Human Potential system with the coaching reports. Our JUDGMENTcompass Coaching Assessment is created from the same input the applicant supplied for the screening and employability report. It is just selected from our online report management tool and instantly delivered.

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