Plan Your Digital Marketing

12 Feb How to stay current with your Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing space is forever changing. Algorithm this, Facebook that!

Social Media channels are always evolving. New formulas change the way business owners advertise using platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. There are now a number of technical hurdles to consider before advertising, posting and using these forms to generate leads.

Here are some super simple things to remember when using Digital Marketing as a medium to generate leads.

We live in an age where your online presence becomes the face of your business. When considering your business, your prospects will Google your Business Name. They will find your Facebook page and look at your reviews. They will look at what your Facebook Page has to offer. And even though face to face connections are equally important, the first point of contact is your website, Facebook Page and your Google Reviews. Your brand should leave a lasting impression.

The best way to do this is to optimise your web presence. This is your Facebook Page and Groups, your Google Account, your LinkedIn page and your Twitter posts

Here are some tips that will help you make your Digital Marketing Footprint stay up to date:

#1 Create your Google+ local page

This is a “must-have” tool in your marketing strategy and if you don’t have one, then it’s important that you create one without delay. If you already have a Google+ local page, make sure that all the information featured on it is current and verified; this includes your business details, contact details, videos, images and customer reviews etc.

Make sure you populate the page with the appropriate keywords as that will help your listing appear in various organic search results.

#2 Updated and New content

Google simply loves engaging and updated content and if your site provides that, it will perform better in the rankings. Check your website and blog pages as well as all your social media accounts and remove inaccurate, stale or irrelevant information. When you conduct these checks, you will realise exactly how much of out-dated information, old products and offers as well as employee listings hide within your web pages.

#3 Refresh your digital marketing content

Visual content is very appealing to online audiences and when you provide that, it helps you connect with them in a much more effective manner. Not only does it help you attract new customers, it helps keep existing ones engaged as well.

Keep your official website and social media pages updated with fresh content, videos and images, product shots and photos of new employees etc. In addition, maintain consistency in branding across all your digital media channels.

#4 Focus on cultivating social media followers

If you want to expand your reach and gain a higher SERP ranking, focus on cultivating your Twitter and Facebook fans. Their comments, tweets, retweets, likes & shares will be effective in helping you reach a much wider audience and prospects, much more than any other avenue can. Show your followers how much they mean to you; you can do this by:

  • Mentioning them by name in various posts
  • Thank them for being loyal to your brand
  • Launch special offers and discounts for followers and fans
  • Post photos of customers on your social sites & tag them after seeking permission from them

It’s important to evolve

Not only is the business landscape extremely dynamic, your business is evolving and you need to make every effort to keep your web presence up to date and in sync with these changes.

Following these tips can help you build a solid online presence, expand the reach of your brand, keep your customers engaged, improve sales and the profitability of your business.

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