[INFOGRAPHIC] Are we about to see Mobile Commerce overtake eCommerce?

[INFOGRAPHIC] Are we about to see Mobile Commerce overtake eCommerce?

Unless you somehow manage to block out all news and information of technological change, you will have noticed the immense rise of users of smartphones. You see, over 55% of the people in this world, according to the signal-boosters.co.uk infographic, have access to the internet now. This means that over half of the world is now going to be part of our technological revolution. However, you might wonder why this matters in relation to the mobile industry?

Well, out of the 3.2 billion of us on the internet, 2 billion of are connecting to it through the smartphone. This is why mobile devices are so popular today – and it's also why it is an industry which tripled in size from 2014-2018, growing to be an industry worth over $700bn.

In this numbers, it now makes up over one third of the global eCommerce retail value. This shows you why so many sites are happy to have a mobile version, and why so many of us now no longer read the newspaper when out and about. Why read the news direct from yesterday, when you can get a modern a more neutral appraisal online instead?

Mobile commerce might still be smaller than eCommerce generally, but year on year it becomes a bigger and closer part of the eCommerce industry. This is why so many people find it hard to understand why people still do most of their buying offline.

If you can do it all through the internet, why would you choose to actively spend more time doing something?

The internet gives us more choice and options than ever before. It gives us more knowledge than ever before. And, best of all? You can do it all as you walk around the shops. Who said that mobile commerce was a fad or a silly dream?

Signal Boosters have created an infographic called "The Future of M-Commerce" which outlines how mobile commerce is growing year on year.

Mobile Commerce

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