7 Tools to Grow your Business’ Customer Base in the next 12 months

7 Tools to Grow your Business’ Customer Base in the next 12 months

There’s no excuse to not have a successful business these days. As long as you create a valuable product and have a scalable market that wants the product that you offer, you can build a loyal customer base quickly and a viable business within the next 12 months.


In this post, we share tools and techniques that will allow you to scale the growth of your business quickly.


Streak CRM


You can use streak CRM for managing your sales and PR outreach. There is a free version of the tool that you can use and it works in a similar way to the paid tool Pipedrive. You can upload prospects for sales or PR. You can then manage the relationship process so that you can secure placements for more exposure or develop new business opportunities to sell the products or services that you have on offer.


The tool also allows you to track the value amount of the sales or activities that you are doing, so you can forecast how much revenue your business will expect to generate in the future.




This is an excellent project management tool that you can use in your business and for managing the external relationships with clients and stakeholders within your business. Using Asana will allow you to scale the business and marketing activities that your organisation needs to execute.

  For example, you will be able to use Asana to schedule:
  • Content marketing campaigns
  • Google Ads
  • Sales letter campaigns
  • Training and development
  • Time management (with the Harvest add-on)

You can get started for free and build a team of up to 15 people.




This is a Chrome extension that you can use to send bulk email messages. It is free to send 50 messages a day and then it is $12/month for a professional account. This is great if you plan to use email outreach to connect with several companies for sales development or PR.




Branding is important if you want to your business’s products or services to differentiate from the competition. The way you package your offering is important, however it is the logo that will allow people to instantly recognise the value that your brand offers. Designmantic offers a free DIY logo tool that can help business owners develop their own logo inexpensively. Logos can be created from existing templates or a brief can be forwarded to a designer through their platform.


Wordpress CMS


Your website is your shopfront on the internet. And you want to have a shopfront that will drive potential customers into your store and convert them into customers. A Wordpress CMS will give your site flexibility for customisations in terms of design and functionality so that your business can operate and scale on the web.


You can integrate plugins such as web opt-in forms and e-commerce solutions so that will automate the lead generation and sales process for your business. Additional marketing plugins such as referral plugins can also improve the rate of referred customers to your business.


Google Suite


Google’s suite of tools is great for businesses that want to scale their operations inexpensively. Google has several collaboration tools such as Google Docs, Spreadsheets, Slides, Drive; which allows teams to share and collaborate in real-time. This speeds up the working process and productivity for teams; which means increased productivity for the organisation.


Additionally, the tools are free, but can be upgraded to a business suite inexpensively. This can save costs substantially, especially if your business is already paying for licensed software from providers such as Microsoft.


Additionally, your business can also get access to Google Analytics and Data Studio, which will allow your business to collect and visualise data and reporting so that you can make intelligent business decisions. These tools are free, however there are also premium versions of the tools that you can opt for.


YouTube Creator Studio


The YouTube Creator Studio is also free and allows you to upload, monitor, analyse and monetise video content that you own. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and your YouTube channel is also a shopfront for presentations and representing your business. Your video content has the opportunity to ‘pitch’ viewers the products or services that your business offers.


These 7 tools can help you scale the growth of your business for free or inexpensively. Add these tools to your business’s operations and integrate them into your processes so your business has the chance to grow significantly over the coming months.


About the Author


Tom SmithTom Smith is one of the content creators at Designmantic.com. He’s a wordsmith that loves sharing case studies and opinion pieces. When he isn’t busy writing, you can find him supporting his local football team in his city in Australia.

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